In a sea of fad diets, and different advice depending on where you look for help, it’s hard to decipher which way is the right way when it comes to losing weight! But the most sensible way is to eat clean, cut out any processed food, drink plenty dfof water and use supplements to support alongside…

This is where USN Diet Fuel comes in to its own. A delicious meal replacement shake it contains 25g of protein and 17g of carbs per serving meaning you will feel fuller for longer and not feel hungry within an hour of using it like many others. If you look at similar shakes that claim meal replacement, you’ll notice a high ratio of sugar per serving ranging from 8g to 20g (!!!) but with USN you can be safe in the knowledge its only 2g – so already you are onto a winner.

I would recommend replacing only one meal a day with this, making sure you keep your other meals a balance of protein, carbs and fats

But if you do want some handy hints of where it can help you out here’s a few…

  • Keep a shaker containing one serving in your car if you are going on a long journey – it stops you snacking at the services if you get hungry
  • Take some sachets on holiday with you and keep up with your plan by replacing breakfast with a shake. We tend to get up later when we are away, so before you know it it will be lunchtime, and you will have avoided all those breakfast buffet pastries in the meantime.
  • Keep a tub under your desk at work – if you ever end up swamped and find yourself working through lunch or staying later than planned you can quickly satiate any hunger pangs.