Whit a fantastic shape, Venezuelan athlete Mauro Pulido won this category (Bodybuilding up to 90 Kg.) at the recent 1st. Olympia Amateur South America, celebrated in Medellin (Colombia), last February 17th-19th.

Mauro Pulido won his category defeating other 11 athletes, as local favorites Hugo Marquez (2nd.) and Ricardo Plata (3rd.). Some minutes later, he won the overall competition defeating other 7 Bodybuilding champions, including the young talented Colombian athlete Esteban Fuqueme (2nd.) who won the IFBB Junior World Championship in 2015.

The event was a great success, with a high participation of competitors in the first event of the 2017 season, and with a wide audience through video streaming. During the event, the president of the Colombian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (FCFC), Mr. Carlos Gregorio; received the IFBB Spirit of Sport, in recognition to the brilliant organizing job developed by the FCFC.

Beside Bodybuilding discipline, the other overall winners were as follows:

Bodybuilding: Mauro Pulido (Venezuela)
Bodybuilding Junior: José Herrera (Colombia)
Bodybuilding Master: Angel Bermúdez (Colombia)

Classic Bodybuilding: David Chagas do Rosario (Brasil)

Men´s Physique: Pedro Reichert (Brasil)
Men´s Physique Junior: Cristian Núñez (Colombia)
Men´s Physique Master: Hernán Rodríguez (Argentina)
Musc. Men´s Physique: Rodrigo Valle (Perú)

Bodyfitness: Guadalupe García (Paraguay)
Bodyfitness Master: Gabriela Badillo (México)

Bikini: Brenda Sosa (México)
Bikini Junior: Camila Ceballos (Colombia)
Bikini Master: Daniela Bonfantti (Brasil)

Women´s Physique: Adriana Bernal (Colombia)
Complete results: