Regis Food Technology, Ltd is a rising global leader in pioneering innovative food technologies and ingredients for foods, sports nutrition, nutritional supplements and healthy foods and beverages essential for health and life.

We are a leading trendsetter in the food industry, consistently creating innovative products specifically designed to meet growing consumer demand for enhanced taste, convenience, economical and nutritional value in food and beverages.

Close to two decades of nutrition science research, structured innovation and intense collaboration with customers have culminated in a wide range of functional products organized into four unique brands:  ACTIVLAB Sports Nutrition, SMAKOVITA Food Processing Solutions, TASTE-PRO Industrial Bouillon and Broths, and VET FOOD Pet Nutrition.

Regis Food Technology: ACTIVLAB is your global provider of sports nutrition and functional foods specifically designed to provide your body with nutrients vital for healthy and dynamic living.  We combine the best of science and nature to create effective and innovative nutritional supplements, convenient foods and beverages designed to deliver nutrients necessary to achieve fitness goals.

Our commitment to quality is our top priority.  We understand that to create the most innovative, effective product it is vital to choose premium ingredients for our unique, functional products.  Each batch undergoes the most rigorous quality control measures.  Our facilities are certified under ISO, BRC, and IFS.  We have established and implemented the Regis HACCP and cGMP at our facilities.

ACTIVLAB has a presence throughout Europe and is steadily expanding operations to each continent with our partners. Our unique, cutting edge products are known for their efficacy, superior quality and innovation making ACTIVLAB the preferred partner in sports nutrition and functional foods & beverages.

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