We have recently caught up with our USN Ambassador, Mandie Nugent who shared her review on our new USN Essentials Dynamic Whey Protein…

Spending most of my time in the gym, whey protein is one of the staple supplements I use as part of my training and nutritional regiment. There are many factors when deciding which type of whey protein to go for but when you’re on a budget and still want to feed your muscles with the best quality protein, then DYNAMIC WHEY from the essentials line is my go to.

A seasoned gym goer will most likely to be using some form of whey protein in their diet, but as a casual fitness bunny how do you know if protein should be part of yours? On average, each person should be consuming about 1g of protein per 1lb of body mass, which some people tend to neglect. This causes a lack in muscle growth and a prolonged recovery time after exercise. If you are unable to achieve the correct amount of protein in your diet through foods such as meat, fish & dairy, then USN Essentials Dynamic Whey Protein is for you.

DYNAMIC WHEY provides 24g of high quality protein, which helps to support recovery and muscle growth. At £7.99 I am always going to be a bit apprehensive that the flavours will lack in richness and taste, but USN hasn’t compromised this in one bit. With strawberry being one of my favourites, I was eager to give it a try. It’s packed with that sharp fruity taste while holding on to that smooth consistency you’d expect from the pre-made bottles. I love mixing it with greek yogurt too, so it’s like a dessert keeping me on track with my diet and helping me to fix those late night cravings.

With Christmas fast approaching now, there’s going to be no expenses spared. That’s why I’m so thankful that DYNAMIC WHEY is available from USN. It stands up to all the other whey proteins I’ve ever used and has earned its place as part of my diet.