Canada, you asked for it and ProSupps is delivering! We are so excited to announce that the highly anticipated arrival of our Mr. Hyde RTD* (ready to drink) is finally here. For nearly 12 months, our team has been working extremely hard to get all of the necessary approvals in order to get our Mr. Hyde RTD into the hands of our Canadian team.

It’s a tedious process to make our RTD’s

As most of you know, every country has different rules and regulations on supplementation ingredients. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to create different formulations to meet a particular countries strict standards. That is exactly what we did with the Mr. Hyde RTD, which is actually one of the most tedious finished products for us to create. Before our customers are able to enjoy an ice cold Mr. Hyde RTD, it actually passes through 4 different facilities; check out this cumbersome process:

  1. ProSupps’ RTD begins with the production of bulk powder that is produced at one of our authorized contract manufacturers.
  2. Once the bulk powder has been produced and packaged, the bulk powder travels to its next destination where the bulk powder is then agglomerated.  The agglomeration process essentially changes the consistency of the powder from a smaller particle size into a larger particle size.  Agglomeration is necessary to improve on the end-user experience.
  3. Once the powder has been agglomerated, the agglomerated powder then goes to our cap-loading manufacturer.  Our cap-loading manufacturer then takes the agglomerated powder and loads the caps, seals the caps and places the warning sticker on each cap.  The loaded caps are then packaged for the next leg of the process where the finished caps are then sent to our final co-packer.
  4. The final co-packer then fills each bottle with water, applies the shrink sleeve, attaches the cap, then packages 12 bottles for our finished product.

In addition to the above process, ProSupps is directly involved in the procurement of all packaging (bottles, shrink sleeves, caps stickers, shipping trays).

So…get ready, Canada!!! The first flavor to hit the Canadian gyms and supplement stores will be our delicious Blue Razz.

* Mr. HYDE is formulated to be the most extreme and effective pre-workout on the market. Loaded with a proprietary stimulant blend and the novel pump agent, agmatine sulfate, Mr. HYDE will shatter weight-training plateaus. Mr. HYDE RTD is the only pre workout “ready to drink” that contains a 100% sealed, patented cap which contains 1 full serving/scoop of the same powder we use in our Mr. Hyde 15 serve or 30 serve tubs.