The Lebanese Federation of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting (LWPBBF), celebrated its elections to Presidency and Executive Board, last October 8th, and Mr. Hassenen Moukaled was reelected, for a new period, as the president of the LWPBBF, recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Lebanese Olympic Committee.

After the elections, the LWPBBF Executive Board keeps, as follows:

President:             Mr. Hassenen Ahmad Moukaled

Vice President:       Mr. Mohamad Amin Mounir Olaywan

General Secretary: Mr. Hassan Raef Koeik

Cashier/Tresurer:   Mr. Mahmoud Hamid Choukeir

Accountant:           Mr. Saadallah Hamid Saad

Members:              Mr. Hani Ahmad Barbar

Mr. Amer Ali El Mazloum

IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja, congratulated Mr. Moukhaled officially, wishing him the best success for this new period. Under the leadership of Mr. Moukhaled, the LWPBBF has become in one of the most active federations regarding educational program, and Lebanese athletes has been participating in more international events than ever before.