Founded by Sean L Jones in 2015. Above All Co. was born out of a dissatisfaction for the health, fitness and fashion industries, with a true vision to impact and change humanity. This was the one way Sean could create a company with a difference. It grew from an idea to help his sick grandfather by creating awareness for PROSTATE CANCER, a disease that kills up to 3,440 male’s per year. That is just under 10 per day! Not to mention the other 17,250 diagnosed yearly.

Sean was mortified by these numbers, so on January 1st he started the change by creating Above All Co.

Our clothing was released worldwide on the 1st of August 2015 and will contribute 10% of all profits to cancer research.

Though the company has evolved from just clothing, it will always remain a no bullshit, no excuse company that will continue to create change. By first helping to find a cure for prostate cancer, then moving forward to help CURE ALL CANCERS.



Here at Above All, we live and breathe these values – they are not just platitudes that we hang on the wall or put in the top drawer to pull out when required. They are a part of who we are. They are our DNA. We hire our team based on these values, and they illuminate the path for us as we work with each other, our partners and our communities. They also guide our decisions and product development.

  1. We will change humanity. Everything we do is to better the humankind.
  2. The customer is client, the client is team, the team is family and FAMILY IS EVERYTHING.
  3. Be Above All – Go above and beyond what is expected always.
  4. Action Taken not Excuses Given.
  5. Lead by example – “be the change YOU want to see in the world”
  6. Imagination and innovation.

Want to help, contact us here: support@aboveallco.com.au