While many may share similar ingredients, the amounts of each amino acid within the formula dictate how beneficial the product will be. The most impactful amino acids are those that directly combat muscle catabolism (or muscle wasting), and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) have been shown to be the most effective at this by a wide margin. HyperAmino® includes higher levels of BCAA’s than the competition by providing 24.3% more L-Leucine and 43.6% more L-Isoleucine than the leading energy amino competitor.

Beyond providing more BCAA’s, HyperAmino® also includes the best L-Glutamine on the market — Ajinomoto fermented and vegan friendly L-Glutamine. Gaspari’s HyperAmino® contains not only a superior L-Glutamine, but 35.3% more than the leading energy amino competitor. A high dose of L-Glutamine is integral to an amino acid product as L-Glutamine has been shown to reduce muscle damage during training by reducing serum ammonia (a toxic byproduct of exercise that eats away at muscle tissue) levels, allowing your body to recover from intense exercise at a faster rate.

HyperAmino® not only offers you more of the amino acids your body actually needs to directly increase performance, but simultaneously includes only the necessary amounts of sulfur-containing amino acids like Taurine (which does not belong to the traditional group of 20 proteingenic (muscle protein synthesis enhancing) amino acids to support hydration unlike the leading energy amino competitor. Offering 50.4% less than that found in the leading energy amino competitor, HyperAmino® provides your body with clinically proven and validated amino acids for muscle growth and support, while minimizing the use of inferior and less expensive amino acids like L-Taurine which are primarily used due to their extremely low cost in comparison to truly beneficial ingredients like those found in HyperAmino®.

When comparing apples to apples HyperAmino® outperforms the leading energy amino competitor and sets the new standard in the “amino’s with energy category that has exploded over the past year”.