Alice Matos’

Hardcore Ladies is a 90-day program that will target your total body. My Fitplan incorporates cardio for each workout day, along with compound movements, TRX and machine exercises. Each week you will progress in reps/sets as we build up your skill level in the gym allowing you to feel confident, strong and fit. Fitness has allowed me to maximize opportunities by being my best self.




Alice Matos is a fitness model and fashion entrepreneur. She holds a number of ranking titles including the IFBB Bikini Champion in Catarina, and 2nd place in Brazil. Six years after stepping onto the IFBB scene, Alice’s goals have only become stronger and more defined. With a dedication to making gains in her life slowly and surely, Alice brings a burning intensity to improve everyday. And she’s never afraid to push herself to a new level of performance. As a result, here’s a woman set to reach the heights of her imagination. Alice Matos is the ideal balance of a robust fitness and a modern athletic femininity.

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