There is no clear understanding as to why this happens, but it is true nonetheless.

Low testosterone levels mean you cannot sculpt the kind of muscle mass you desire. Without the proper levels of testosterone in your system, you cannot possibly expect to achieve positive workout results. Beyond these critical reasons to take a testosterone pill for men, there are other fine reasons to boost your testosterone levels.

Taking a testosterone supplement will help you build the muscle mass you desire, but it will also create a stronger frame in which you build muscle. Studies have shown men with decreased levels of testosterone have less dense bone structure than those with adequate levels of the hormone. Having stronger bones is a key factor when building muscle mass.

Even if building muscle mass, building stronger bones and a fierce sex drive aren’t reason enough to get a testosterone boost, then maybe this will convince you. Studies find that there is a strong correlation between men who suffer bouts of depression and low levels of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels can help lift you from that depression you suffer, lower your anxiety levels and increase your overall brain function. That is, higher levels of testosterone will make you more keen and boost your mood.