WARNING: May cause spontaneous salivation!
Love brownies? Then you’ll love MuscleTech ® ‘s Chocolate Brownie Mission1 ™ Clean Protein Bar! This delicious bar begins with the richest, the creamiest chocolate resembling that favorite childhood tastes. Velvety texture and filled with the perfect amount of sinful chocolate fudge flavor – Chocolate Protein Bars Brownie Mission1 ™ Clean is not only packed with a delicious chocolate flavor, they also have 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of fiber, which makes it an ideal way to get your chocolate fix – without any – any guilt!

100% protein isolates – gluten – zero artificial flavoring and coloring
This fabulous bar has only 20g of high quality, ultrafiltration 100% protein isolate, whey and milk without any inferior sources, such as gelatin or collagen. You also get 20 grams of healthy fiber with only 4g net carbs. Chocolate Brownie Mission1 ™ Clean Protein bars are sweetened with stevia. You can trust that every delicious bite has no artificial flavors or colors – only pure, premium power, which has never tasted so good!

Nutrition Information