Grenade® a UK based sports nutritional and functional food specialists, launch their Diet protein Shake as a healthy alternative to smoothies filled with sugar. Diet Protein Shake is a delicious, high protein shake with zero added sugar, made using premium 100% whey protein and naturally sweetened with real Raspberry, Apple and Blueberry juices.

Delivering 26g of complete protein per 330ml bottle, and just 4.3g of carbs from natural fruit sources with only 150 calories, Diet Protein Shake is nutritious, healthy and designed to be consumed on-the-go during the day.

Juliet Barratt, CMO comments “In today’s market of fast paced urban lifestyle and savvy nutritionally wise consumers demand a product of impeccable taste, packaging, affordability and ability to purchase it readily on the supermarket shelf. The reality of the situation is that most products in this demanding convenience sector are a usual blend of enticing packaging, curious flavours but less than exceptional nutritional ingredients. Grenade’s Diet Protein shake is not just ‘another’ ready to drink diet product on the market but is actually true to its word in what it delivers. Its smooth light yoghurt texture is a real healthy alternative to your favourite sugary smoothie drinks, and being only 150 calories means you can drink it and feel like you have had something worth drinking that will not disappoint or leave you craving junk food to satisfy your taste buds”.

Packed full of premium Whey protein it is not only a substantial hit of quality ingredient but being low in carbohydrate and only 4g of sugar per bottle, it is perfect for those on a quest to slim down their waistline in time for the beach holiday. Keep it in your fridge and enjoy for breakfast or carry it in your gym bag or rucksack and drink it straight after your workout and while sitting at your desk’

Grenade Diet Protein shake is available as single or in an 8-pack now at